Calling and Gathering the Lost Tribes of Israel

Israel was the name God gave the old testament patriarch named Jacob.  Jacob (or Israel) had twelve sons. These twelve sons eventually became distinct separate tribes and nations.  Their names were Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin.

Before Jesus Christ’s time they had settled the Jerusalem area, each tribe having their own territory.  Together they were called “The children of Israel”.  Over time they were overun by their enemies and scattered to the different countries of the world, becoming lost as to their identity.

God prophesied, however, that he would identify and gather the descendants of Jacob (Israel) again in the latter days and make them a righteous and powerful nation who would setup a kingdom to receive their king Jesus.  So how are the lost tribes of Israel becoming known today?  What form of gathering is taking place for them in modern times?


In order to know who the descendants of Jacob (Israel) are today we must first understand hereditary features.

For example, most people know that it is common for children to look like their parents.  So lets go all the way back to Adam in the garden of Eden.  Adam means “to blush”.  The ability to blush is only found in the caucasian white race.

In the bible, Jacob or Israel traces his lineage back to Adam.  Adam’s descendants as well as Jacob’s were a “white and delightsome” people.  These caucasian people are in a small minority in terms of numbers relative to the rest of the pre-Adamic races of various colors that were here on the earth before Adam was placed on the earth.

What we have learned is that Adam, Jacob and all of his sons were all fair skinned blue eyed people.  This is how Israel is identified as a people today, by their genetic features.  If you do not have these two signs of Israel, fair skin and blue eyes, then your ancestors intermarried with the races outside of Israel which are called the gentile nations.

Right now God is identifying true Israelites by the identifying marks of their facial features.  The people who occupy Jerusalem right now are not true Israelites unless they have the identifying features of fair skin and blue eyes.

Israel Israel God is Calling

As prophesied, God is now calling Israel to gather out of the Babylonian corrupt governments and nations and set up a great kingdom and nation never to be thrown down or scattered and lost again.

If you are reading this and have the identifying features, you are being contacted in order to make you aware of your identity and encourage you to gather out from the prophesied calamities that will shortly take place, and then to help set up the political nation of true Israel, which includes the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth.  This is all in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ, who will rule and reign as king in the coming 1000 year millennial age.

May God open your eyes to see, and may you pray for confirmation of these truths.  May you listen to Gods voice within.  May you have understanding as you continue reading the other articles on this website.  In Jesus name we pray.

Who Are the Israelites?

Today it is evident that the Adversary does not want the gathering of Israel, for he knows that, once this happens, his kingdom will be over. How does the Adversary think he will be able to achieve his goal? It is very simple. Mix up the races so that the seed of Israel is so diluted that they will be literally wiped out!

So which race is Israelite? Is it the East Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, American Indian, Australian Aborigine, or even one of the African black races? Or is it none of these? Which race is it?

Not any of the above mentioned races encourages immigrants to participate in their culture. And who would even want to immigrate to these countries? Think of the poverty in East Indian culture and the oppression in others of these countries, such as China and Indonesia. People want to escape these hardships. So where do they immigrate to? They immigrate to the countries dominated by the white races.

Origin of the White Race

In this discourse we want to prove, if we can, where the white race came from and the reason why all other races want to mingle with them. In order to do this, we must go back to the beginning. When we say the beginning, we mean where the beginning of the white race originated.

The Bible tells us quite plainly who the white race is. In the first chapter of Genesis, we have God Himself naming the first man Adam. When Adam was caught in the garden in a naked condition, he was extremely embarrassed, his countenance turning red. He sought something in the garden to cover his nakedness, so he and Eve gathered fig leaves and made an apron for themselves.


Because they tried to cover their nakedness, God knew that they had partaken of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were therefore embarrassed by their nakedness. So He named the man Adam, which, when translated from Hebrew, means to blush or be ruddy.

Since science says that ony the white race can blush, this implies that Adam was white. It is only reasonable then that his descendants would be of the same configuration.

Cain murdered his brother Abel, so God banished him and made him a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth (Genesis 4:8-14). Cain then “knew his wife,” and he built a city (Genesis 4:17). Questions could be asked: Where did Cain get his wife? And for whom did he build a city? It is obvious at this time — 6,000 or so years ago — that there were other human-like creatures on the earth besides Adam, Eve, and Cain.

The Bible says that Noah was “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9). In translating from the ancient languages including Hebrew, generation means seedline, indicating that Noah was perfect in his genealogy from the time of Adam and Eve. This means that his progenitors did not intermarry with pre-Adamic man, which is another evidence that pre-Adamic man did exist. Yes, reason dictates that imperfections could result by intermarriage with the pre-Adamic races.

In the LDS extended knowledge of Adam and Eve, we understand that they had more children than just Cain and Abel. The Bible states that the sons of God (Adamic people) married the daughters of men (Genesis 6:2). In other words, the sons of Adam married the daughters of the pre-Adamic races. Thus the commandment of “kind after kind” (Genesis 1:24-25) was violated, and a hybridization occurred.

So now we understand that God created a race of man (Adamic), who were white and had the ability to blush, and that there was a humanoid-like creature in existence before Adam. How long these humanoids existed before Adam we do not know. What we do know and what the above tells us is that they did exist.

It is now evident that a type of man existed before Adam came on the scene. Cain said, “…every one that findeth me shall slay me” (Genesis 4:14). Who is the “every one” who would slay Cain? After all, there were many humanoid-like creatures on the earth before Adam.

An observation must be made here that is noted briefly in the Bible — and particularly in the Book of Jasher — that the children of Adam broke God’s strict law:

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind…” (Genesis 1:24).

Instead, the children of Adam intermarried with the pre-Adamic races (Genesis 6:2). This intermarriage of Adam’s seed with the pre-Adamic races caused various abnormalities, such as giants, to occur.

Besides the giants, other extremely evil things came about, such as crossbreeding of man with animals and birds, resulting in such abominations as the Great Sphinx of Giza. This structure, scientists have recently determined, was made long before the Great Flood happened and before the pyramids were built, as the weathering on its surface was caused by rainfall rather than by blowing sand. We have very little record of this long time period of approximately 1600 years.

The Descendants of Noah

So now we come to Noah. According to the Bible, the only true Adamic people that came through this major, horrific deluge were Noah, his wife, his three sons (Ham, Shem, and Japeth), and his three daughters-in-law. The flood that occurred mostly on the North American continent wiped out all evidence of Adam’s seed, including the existing abominations they had created. We have no record of anything else that happened prior to the flood. There are just the many old ruins remaining.

The only person we have record of who came through the flood having a polluted bloodline was Noah’s son Ham, who had married a descendant of Cain named Egyptus, whom the books of Moses and Abraham describe in the Pearl of Great Price. As we have pointed out in a previous discourse, Egyptus was not pure black but was somewhat different than the pure Adamic people. We as Latter-day Saints have the record of Abraham and therefore know that the pharaohs of Egypt trace their ancestry back to Eden through Ham.

Now we come to a very difficult subject — to prove and identify the seed of Jacob (Israel) by delving into biblical records and by investigating history.

All of Adam’s people were gone. There was no white race except Noah and his sons. Since Noah was a direct and unpolluted descendant of Adam — and we have shown that Adam was white — then Noah must be of the same configuration as Adam: white. So after the flood there were three divisions of the white race:

  1. The descendants of Ham who eventually were basically referred to as Canaanites.
  2. Japeth’s descendants whom the Bible describes as the Gentiles (we are not sure if this is correct, as the Bible only states this once).
  3. Shem’s descendants who comprised the basis of God’s chosen people, especially the Israelites.

All these people were given instructions by God to multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 9:1). What is hard to understand here is that, in most cases, when God refers to man, He means only the true descendants of Adam. So God was talking to Noah’s descendants only. At this particular time — before the time of Moses — He gave them some laws to live by, and, if they lived them correctly and faithfully, all creation would be subject unto them.

Dispersion from the Tower of Babel

At first the descendants of Noah wanted to stay together like they had done before the flood (considering that they had only one language). However, this was contrary to God’s instructions to “multiply and replenish the earth.” Because they chose to build the Tower of Babel instead of spreading out and doing their God-given job of bringing the knowledge of God and his laws to the pre-Adamic people, God confounded their language, forcing the white race to gather into family groups and disperse around the world. Consequently, their efforts in building the tower were never realized.

We as Latter-day Saints know where one particular family group and their friends went to, as we have their brief history in the Book of Mormon. We are very fortunate to have this record, which shows conclusively that the Bible record is essentially true.

The Jaredites

The Book of Mormon reveals that one of these groups was guided to America by a man named Jared. This group of about forty people started out from the valley of Nimrod in the Middle East. And under the direction of God, they built a type of ship “like a bowl” and after many days landed north of the narrow neck of land in South America.

The Jaredites, as stated, eventually became a great nation in the northern part of South America. Over a long period of time (approximately 1500 years), they divided into two factions and became exceedingly wicked. They then had a horrific battle, literally destroying each other.

Whether there were other people living in the area during this time, the record does not say. Regardless, the ruins left by the Jaredites would indicate that they were highly intelligent, having a way to move massive blocks of stone long distances that even today, with all our knowledge, we could not accomplish.

Where Are the Others?

So we see that, even though Noah’s descendants were given the laws of God, they eventually forsook these laws. For even though Noah had the fullness of the gospel, when his descendants throughout the earth (Genesis 9:19) came among the pre-Adamic races, they defiled the true laws by mixing their understanding of God’s laws with the various beliefs of these other races.

So after dispersing from the Tower of Babel, where exactly did these other various groups of the white race go? Wherever these white Adamic people went, they took with them advanced technology, which was had by but a few of their numbers.

The Sumerians 

Around 3500 BC (we do not know the exact time) a white people called the Sumerians made a huge step forward, developing advanced agricultural concepts, including irrigation, which enabled them to stay in one place and build cities. Yet just 800 years later, about 2300 BC, the Sumerians were conquered by another white Adamic race.

For even though these small groups of Noah’s descendants conquered the more advanced pre-Adamic people, teaching them advanced concepts, when they intermarried with various pre-Adamic peoples, their predominance waned, causing them to disappear from history — which is exactly what happened to the Sumerians.

The Egyptians 

Concerning Egypt, we have a detailed account of their influence and dominance in the world. The original inhabitants of Egypt were of a short stature and had dark skin (not negroid), brown or black hair, and dark eye color. When the descendants of Adam arrived in Egypt, these darker people became their subjects and were compelled to build and erect monumental edifices. We have evidence of these remains today, which include the pyramids of Giza and the extensive ruins of Luxor.

In both cases, with the Sumerians and the Egyptians, these few Adamic people eventually intermarried with the darker pre-Adamic race. The pre-Adamic race, being more numerous, became dominant, and the power of the white race was diminished. Please note that all of the drawings and statues of the early Egyptian pharaohs were white. Let us continue with the other pre-Adamic groups.

The Greeks 

From historical records, the first wave of Adamic men came into Greece around 2700 BC. Like Sumeria and Egypt, pre-Adamic people occupied this area, where an ideal climate existed. When the Adamic people arrived, they organized the people, resulting in an important focal point in the world’s history: Being intelligent, vigorous, and strongly practical, the invading Sumerians developed the most superior society and government that lasted over 2000 years.

History shows that, on a continuing basis, when the Adamic people intermarried with the pre-Adamic Pelasgians who were a shorter people (again with dark features), their influence began to decline from within. However, their decline was prevented by a happening that occurred around 1300 BC, as they were invaded again from the north and east by another Adamic race. The Phrygians and Dorians were also white men with green and blue eyes. These basically came from the tribe of Dan and the Spartans — all white. Look at the many statues that remain today depicting these different people.

Every statue that is left of these different people shows that they were white and had beautiful features. The historian Diodorus Siculus (50 BC) states that these foreigners were expelled from Egypt. These people were from the tribe of Dan, led by Moses. In history they were called Danus or Cadmus. They settled in Argos, the oldest city in Greece. All of these tribes and families came from the descendants of Shem, as ancient historic records clearly show that all these white people were all related. The continued influx of Adamic people kept Greece and its language the standard for all of Europe, right up to the time of the Savior; consequently, Greece was the center of the civilized world for these 2000 years.

What happened to the prosperous, intelligent people of Greece who were an example to the known world for so many generations? The same thing happened to them that befell the Sumerians (who became extinct) and the Egyptians after intermarrying with the pre-Adamic races. Note that what we have in Egypt and Greece today are some of the most corrupt governments in the world.

The East Indians 

Today India is the second most populous nation in the world. Their skin color ranges from almost black (without negroid features) to almost white. Why is this? Going back in history, you will discover that the original pre-Adamic people in India, who called themselves Dravidians, were short, dark-skinned, black-haired, dark-eyed people. However, centuries before our Savior arrived (1000-1200 BC), India was invaded by a group of long-headed, fair-skinned, fair-haired, tall, blue- or green-eyed people. There is much written in history to prove this.

The historian, L. A. Waddell, called them Saca (descendants of Isaac), who were Scythian. Other historians have called them Aryans. Regardless, when they arrived, the Saca introduced the Sanskrit language (the oldest of Indo-European languages) and the caste system, which is a segregation of people, each with a traditional hereditary occupation.

This caste system, which still exists to this very day, was originally introduced to prevent intermarriage between the Saca and the Dravidian. The Saca were considered superior, with all government and control being in their hands.

Of course, over these 3500 years, eventual intermarriage did occur. Now the people of India are a mixture of these two races. Today’s lighter-skinned East Indians are called Brahmin, having more of the Saca or Aryan blood in them, and are extremely intelligent. However, the majority of India’s population is very dark and lives in extremely poor circumstances.

The Chinese 

As pre-Adamic man had encompassed the world, they developed differently in their various locations. China, due mostly to the huge Himalayan Mountains to the south, was pretty well isolated in the eastern part of the Asian continent. From the historian Madison Grant, we learn that the Chinese called Adamic man the green-eyed devils and the Wusuns (the tall ones).

There is a record that one of the first kings of China had blonde hair and a European skull. He was called Tai Ko Fokee (the great stranger king) and is represented as having two small horns (the Saxon-Sumerian headdress, like the Vikings were always depicted). But there is very little else relating to this history except more and more archaeological evidence that proves indeed that the white race did make incursions into China, which began to flourish around 2000 BC (1000 years after Sumeria and Egypt and 500 years after Greece).

The Romans 

Rome comes late on the scene, yet by the same course. Pretty solid evidence indicates that, in approximately 750 BC, Rome’s first leader was a king named Aeneas, from the royal family of Greece. For about 150 years Rome was a kingdom, but it later became a republic (like America used to be) in 500 BC, which lasted until 28 BC. Rome then became an empire, which lasted until its downfall in AD 476.

The first kings and leaders of Rome were all white like the Greeks from which they descended. They ruled and subjugated the pre-Adamic people, the plebeians. Very gradually, laws were passed allowing the plebeians to intermarry with the Adamic race, the patricians.

Eventually Julius Caesar, the leader of the mob (comprised of plebeians and the mixed race), instigated mass killings of the patricians or Adamic race who consisted mostly of the old families, which had become totally corrupt. Julius then became total dictator with his divide and conquer strategy. Later the Emperor Constantine, whose progenitors were of the Nordic (Adamic) race, saved Rome from extinction in AD 330 by adopting a corrupted form of Christianity.

Even though Rome was fraught with corruption, the empire lasted until AD 476, when Adamic “barbarians” invaded and conquered Rome. The Adamic man, because of their rebellion against God, died out; however, the slaves survived, and their descendants form the great majority of southern Italy today.

The Incas and the Mayans 

As Latter-day Saints, we know that the Inca and Mayan peoples came mainly from the Lamanite nation (originally an Adamic white race). They came in two waves at about the same time, around 600 BC, landing in two different parts of South America. Their arrival was shortly after the Jaredites had their final battle that wiped them totally out of existence.

One of these groups was from the tribe of Manasseh (Nephites and Lamanites). The other group was from the tribe of Judah (Mulekites). Both of these tribes were descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac, who was the son of Abraham. In the Book of Mormon, they describe themselves as white and exceedingly fair and delightsome (2 Nephi 5:21, 4 Nephi 1:10).

At first the Nephites were a very righteous people, and the Lamanites were a very disgusting people who had become a dark-skinned and dark-eyed people. However, over the 1000 years of Book of Mormon history, the Nephites also became a very wicked people, and God saw fit to destroy them from off the face of the earth, a little after AD 400.

Eventually the Lamanites were the only ones left; the ones who had gone north into Central America became the Mayans, and the ones remaining in South America became the Incas. Though these Lamanite descendants had become numerous, they were easily defeated by a very few Spaniards in the 1500s. The Spaniards were basically a white race, and they easily subjugated these “South American Indians”.

Is there anything in the sparse records of this time to prove the above history contained in the Book of Mormon? We do have some very interesting and recently translated historical records by an early Spanish historian, Pedro de Cieza de León. He recorded that, just before the Spaniards under Pizarro arrived in South America on July 26th, 1529, the king of the Incas, Huayna Capac, had just made war on the northern provinces in Peru (Pedro de Cieza de León, The Second Part of the Chronicle of Peru, volumes 62-68, pp. 199-221).

And after defeating his enemy, the Chachapoyas,

“the Inca [king] granted peace on conditions very favorable to himself, and many of the natives were ordered to go and live in Cuzco, where their descendants still reside. He took many women [from the northern province], for they are beautiful and graceful, and very white” (Pedro de Cieza de León, The Second Part of the Chronicle of Peru, volume 63, p. 207).

Here is real evidence that, 1100 years after the Book of Mormon record, which ended in approximately 400 AD, there were still very white and delightsome Israelites residing in the northern part of South America (Mormon 1:6).

The World 

The last major invasions (there were several small ones) by the white race were mainly of the British conquering and expanding. However, the Spanish, Dutch, German, and French were also involved to a lesser degree. Each one of these nations at the turn of the 19th century were white.

Britain, however, was the greatest. They had expanded worldwide. They governed or conquered India, Burma, South Africa, and several black races in Africa; and they had already claimed Australia and Canada as well. These territories constituted the Commonwealth of Nations — nearly one third of the earth’s surface!

Spain had influential interests in South America, the Dutch in South Africa, France somewhat in Canada and North Africa, and Germany in North Africa along with some expansion endeavors in Europe. Even the Americans had extensive holdings in the Caribbean Islands and the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, these white races made the same mistake as their predecessors; however, there is a significant difference in just how they have failed.

Instead of the white race invading, conquering, and subjugating the pre-Adamic and mixed races — and then intermarrying with them — the white race has invited them into these predominantly white areas. And because of their greater birthrates, these mixed races are gradually outnumbering the white race and taking over these nations. These actions are having the same consequences as with the fall of Rome and other like nations; once the pre-Adamic races become the majority, our countries’ fortunes have continued to deteriorate.

So this is what is happening to America and Great Britain. This has already happened to Great Britain to a large degree, as she has been stripped of her vast empire. Furthermore, the Dutch have been expelled from South Africa, Germany and Spain have been reduced to living within their own borders, and America is fast becoming a third-world country.

Interracial marriage in the United States was originally a felony. Even as recently as 1958, an interracial couple in Virginia pleaded guilty, and Judge Leon M. Bazile sentenced them to a year’s imprisonment, to be suspended if they left the state for the next 25 years.

In the words of Judge Bazile,

“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

Marriage between whites and blacks was illegal in many states until such laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1967. The United States has been rapidly declining ever since.

Other Efforts to Show that the Descendants of Adam and Eve are White

Back to Adam and Eve 

About 6,000 years ago, God saw fit to place upon this earth a man He called Adam. With him He placed a woman He called Eve. These two individuals had the physical capacity to live nearly 1,000 years (we will not go into the reasons for this at this time).

The place where God placed them was North America, the location centering around Independence, Missouri. All we have record of this period of about 1600 to 1700 years before the flood is what is contained in the Bible and in the recent revelations contained in the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

We know from these records that Adam and Eve had many children, and the purpose that God placed them here was to have dominion (government and authority) over the pre-Adamic people who were already here (Genesis 1). Well, the children born to Adam and Eve did interact with the pre-Adamic race, and this mixture became quite numerous. However, their first son Cain murdered his brother Abel, and consequently Cain’s descendants were cursed.

Some of the other children of this couple, because of their special status (such as being able to live up to 1,000 years), were able to place their seed into different animals and birds, resulting in creatures like the Centaur, Sphinx, Satyr, Babylonian bull, and other like creatures. This procedure offended God exceedingly. It was not His intention that this should happen; so rather than destroying everything and bringing another Adam to the earth for the purpose of starting over, God chose to destroy all of these abominations by causing the flood.

To accomplish this goal, God chose Noah, who was “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9), meaning that his bloodline from Adam had not mixed with the pre-Adamic races. Not many realize that Noah lived approximately 500 years before the flood and nearly the same amount of time after the flood, almost 1000 years total.

God used the word man when he referred to Adam’s descendants only, but the Bible has not always been translated in this manner, which has caused much confusion. So when the flood came, all of Adam’s seed was destroyed (note that that included the mixture of Adam’s seed and the pre-Adamic races). The entire North American continent, where Adam’s seed resided, was totally destroyed, including “man” and the beasts he had domesticated and propagated.

There is evidence that these people were highly intelligent, having knowledge then that we today cannot duplicate. This intelligence they totally abused, so God saw fit to destroy most of this knowledge also in the flood.

The only survivors of Adam’s descendants were eight individuals: Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their wives. Tradition says that Noah landed upon the mountains of Ararat (Genesis 8:4), and some say that evidence of the remains of the ark is still there. It is a wonder how the waters took the ark to this elevation, but such is the tradition. We have very little knowledge otherwise concerning this period of time.


At any rate, God started over with Noah. He was a pureblood of the seedline of Adam, with the same features (able to blush). Noah was also given the same instructions as God gave to Adam.

Science has said that the only people who can blush are of a white complexion. Yet there is very little in the Bible we have to prove that this was a trait of the Adamic people. Could it be that this disclosure that his descendants were white was deliberately left out of the Bible by the people that translated it? Yet do we have a few instances left in the Bible in which this blushing attribute was used to distinguish certain people? For example, in describing his wife, Abraham says:

“I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon” (Genesis 12:11).

And then the Bible says:

“…when Abram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair” (Genesis 12:14).

In the Lamentations of Jeremiah, he describes the Nazarites as follows:

“Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body [able to blush] than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire [blue] (Lamentations 4:7).

Apparently these qualities of being whiter than milk, being ruddier than a ruby, and having bluish eyes were highly esteemed by the prophet Jeremiah.

King David is described as being ruddy and fair (1 Samuel 17:42). And in the Song of Solomon, David expressed:

“My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand” (Song of Solomon 5:10).

Amos, speaking of the end times, said:

“In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst [being anxious of gaining the truth] (Amos 8:13).

And Daniel also described the end times, saying:

“And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them [descendants of Israel], and to purge, and to make them white [identify them], even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed” (Daniel 11:35).

And yet again Daniel says:

“Many shall be purified, and made white [identified], and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” (Daniel 12:10).

In speaking of Israel in the latter days, Joel says:

“He hath laid my vine waste, and barked my fig tree: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away [speaking of the dispersement of Israel]; the branches thereof [dispersed people] are made white [identified]” (Joel 1:7).

And the last verse of the Book of Joel says:

“For I will cleanse their blood [bloodline] that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion” (Joel 3:21).

It is quite clear that, if you read the Book of Joel and the other quotations above, the Lord has promised to identify who the white race (Israel) is in the last days and to restore them.

Who Was Abraham? 

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the main characters (besides the Savior) in the Bible, and the Bible is mostly about their descendants. Abraham had only two offspring: Isaac and Ishmael (besides the descendants of his third wife Keturah). The descendants of Hagar and Keturah are the Arabs of today, and the descendants of Isaac are the Israelites and the Edomites (today’s Jews) through Jacob and Esau. The Edomites we have already identified (see Who Are the Jews?); but who are the real Israelites, and how can they be identified at this time? This has been a great mystery.

In order to give credence to the Bible’s prophecies concerning Israel, many stories have been suggested by men to possibly explain how God would gather the Israelites. There are so many prophecies that they would be gathered that it is not worth mentioning them, and in most cases God has said that they would be gathered from the north countries.

This view was promoted by early Mormon Church leaders. They either visualized a group of pure Israelite descendants being hidden up by God in the far north in a lush valley, or they advocated the hollow earth concept, where a hidden crevice with an entrance enabled the pure Israelites to enter and be provided with an inner sun which would have the same effect on them as our own sun has on us. This they argue is where the UFOs originate, as this people’s technology is far more advanced than ours.

Joseph Smith was said to have told Eliza R. Snow that a portion of the earth was dislodged from the main body of the earth, the dispersed Israelites are on this dislodged piece somewhere in space, and this piece will be reunited to earth at some special time in the future. Many present-day Mormons seem to encourage these different beliefs. We do know that, if God wanted these things to happen in this manner, He could certainly make it so. But more often He brings things about in a more natural way.

We are aware that the descendants of Lehi, with his sons Laman, Lemuel, Nephi, and Sam, were of the tribe of Manasseh; therefore, South America fulfilled the prophecies of the patriarchs, in that Joseph’s descendants, through his sons Ephraim and Manasseh, would travel over the sea (Genesis 49:22).

We also know that Joseph Smith, whose progenitors were mostly of the tribe of Ephraim, gathered together the descendants of that great tribe who eventually went to the Salt Lake Valley, where they became a large group of people (the Mormons). And we know that the North American nation itself, prior to this, was basically — unknowingly — from this tribe as well, along with the other tribes of Israel. So North America (Ephraim) and South America (Manasseh) fulfilled the prophecy of these two great sons of Joseph (Genesis 48:20).

You can see that the Lord allowed this to happen because He knew it would happen. It came about in a natural manner. It is just understandable that God lets nature do its thing. And because God knows the nature of man, He is able to predict quite accurately what will happen to him.

Using this scenario, let us look to what seems a more reasonable fulfillment of prophecy concerning the Israelites. It is evident that God says that the descendants of Israel will be easily identified in the last days so that the Twelve Tribes may be gathered together into one nation, enabling them to bring in the Millennium, the 1000 years of peace and order. And how is God able to accomplish this? Let us do some more reasoning and exploring to demonstrate that the only way that he can do this is by identifying who the white race really is.

Before the time of the Savior, the pure Israelites were easily identifiable with their white, ruddy skin and their ability to blush when embarrassed. The men also had beards. Let us see if we can find proof of this in nonscriptural ancient records, in an article by Yair Davidiy, who is of modern Jewish (Edomite) extraction.

Davidiy did a tremendous study on the physical anthropology of the Hebrew people. He says that, at the time of the early Egyptians, the Israelites were known as Amorites, They were called this name because of the Amorite land which they had conquered after their wanderings in the desert for forty years. Another name not mentioned in the Bible but in history had been applied to the Israelites was Retenu, after a corresponding geological space they had also conquered, which was encompassed by the land of Israel.

People from this area originally occupied by the Amurru (Amorite) and Retenu races after 1400 BC were primarily Israelite. Egyptian inscriptions and monuments depicted these people as having red, blonde, and occasionally black hair with blue eyes and red beards. Another people called Libyans, who were not the dwellers of Libya but were from the Nile Delta and of Hebrew origin, were also depicted as white.

We must note here that, at the time of Joseph of Egypt, the true Egyptian had been conquered by the Hyscos, a fair-skinned, blue-eyed race that came by way of the Mediterranean Sea from the North. This explains why the then so-called Egyptians welcomed with open arms Joseph’s father and brothers and placed them in a choice piece of land called Goshen (Genesis 45:10).

This also explains why there was no problem with Joseph marrying Asenath (daughter of Potipherah, priest of On), who bore him Manasseh and Ephraim. She was most likely of as pure Adamic blood as was Joseph, for, by that time, Shem’s and Japeth’s descendants had developed colonies in all parts of the world. So Israel’s twelve sons had the pick or choice of these white people who were mingled among the forbidden races.

The Roman Catholic Church members today who claim falsely that they are the true Christians — and the Talmudic Jews of today who claim falsely that they are the true Jews — both of these groups say that the Israelites were of “mixed kinds”. The Mishnah Negaim (2:1) says that Israelites (in this case meaning the present-day Jews) are mainly of an intermediate type of coloring, being neither black nor white. This is true, of course, for they are describing themselves, who are the descendants of Esau, Jacob’s brother who had married into Ham’s line (Canaanite).

The changeover came about at the time of the Maccabees, just before the time of the Savior when they (the Edomites) were forced to convert to the Jewish faith or be destroyed. They chose the former and brought with them the Babylonian teachings which eventually developed into the Talmud, one of the most anti-Christian books in existence.

When these Talmudic Jews confronted the Savior, what did He say unto them?

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning…” (John 8:44).

He is referring to Cain, who became Master Mahan. He said this because Esau and his descendants had married the descendants of Ham, who had married a descendant of Cain.

Of course it is the present-day Roman Catholic Church, her children the Protestants, and the false Talmudic Jews who muddy the waters in this regard. The Roman Catholic Church has since been joined by our own Latter-day Saints in ignoring the Bible and God’s teachings to not mix the races, which law was especially made for the descendants of Jacob (Israel). How many quotes in the Bible do we need to verify this point?

In any case, the early Roman historians were quite aware that the Israelites were a fair-skinned people looking like a Germani, which, in Talmudic terminology (Aruch HaShalem), means just that: a fair-skinned people from the North.

An unusual happening could be mentioned here. Some 1700 years before the time of our Savior, a Nordic king named Woden-lithi sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean and entered the Saint Lawrence River near present-day Toronto, Canada, at a place called Peterborough.

There he left a complete history of his visit, from April to September, recorded on a huge stone in the ancient Ogam Consaine and Tifinag Alphabets. This inscription gives a detailed description of the visit by the Norse, giving the exact time and reason for their visit, which was to barter textiles with the Algonquian Indians in exchange for metallic copper ingots. You can read all about their visit in Barry Fell’s book Bronze Age America.

The Norse were already established in Norway about the same time that Abraham’s descendants were flourishing in Egypt. Apparently the climate at that time in Norway was not quite as cold as it is today. The Norse were well advanced, having a written language and sufficient knowledge to build many types of ships, including large oceangoing vessels.

They sailed these vessels across the Atlantic Ocean to the Saint Lawrence River in Canada to trade for Copper, which the Algonquin Indians mined at Lake Michigan. Additional evidence has recently been uncovered, which verifies that the above happening is actual history, with the discovery of hundreds and possibly thousands of ancient copper mines around Lake Michigan. It is all there written in stone!

Could it be that, when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was overrun by the Assyrians and carried north, these pure descendants of Abraham, as they broke away from their captivity, were somehow made aware that the remnant of another white Adamic people were already in the North? Maybe these Israelites traveled north and west into Northern Europe and merged with them, thus comprising what nations we have there today in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Northern Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Although there is no definite proof of this happening, it could be possible and be the reason why the descendants of these ten tribes ended up where they are. Besides this record in stone and the discovery of the ancient copper mines, we have no further record of this period.

Today white Indians still exist in Central America (Panama to Guatemala) and in South America. Many Cherokee Indians are white. A very primitive Indian tribe in northern Mexico is white, and the Micmac Indian tribe in Nova Scotia, Canada, has many pureblooded Indians — having no European parentage — who have black hair, very white skin, and blue eyes.


To sum up what we have learned so far, let us review: Going back to the Middle East, the Hebrews (progenitors of Abraham) saw themselves as obligated to remain as close as possible to the original master plan entailed in God’s creation of man. Therefore, they were the true inheritors of the blessings of Adam, the first person to call himself a man.

Did other man-like creatures exist at the time of Adam’s appearance? Of course they did, as we have explained previously. Several races were in existence at that time, as archaeological evidence shows. Adam’s seed was distinguished by being white and blue eyed. Does the seed of Adam still exist? It is quite evident that they do!

We have found that Egyptian inscriptions show that the Hebrews were blonde and redheaded. Some of these inscriptions also show them with blue eyes and a pink skin. Other non-Biblical sources depict or describe the Israelites as being basically long faced with blue or green eyes (the color blue fades quickly) and fair skin with varying color hair — blonde and red being prominent (although black is mentioned). The men are shown as bearded.

The fact that Jesus was white cannot be disputed. His mother was described as a beautiful woman who was fair and white (1 Nephi 11:13-18). Jesus gave instructions to his apostles to go only to the lost sheep, who at that time were scattered all over Europe and Asia and were easily identifiable as fair and white.

A question can be asked here: Can any one of any race follow God’s teachings and receive the same promised blessings as the Israelites? Of course! But that does not make them kinsmen. It does not give anyone authority — or give them the right — to change Christ’s image to look like someone they envision.

We Israelites are a proud and stiffnecked people. Because of our erroneous use of our more advanced learning abilities, we have made many wrong decisions. Reading in the Biblical history, you will see for yourself that the blushing, white-faced people called Israel, who will inherit promises made by God — some of which are still to be fulfilled — made blunder after blunder. Thwarting God’s intention of giving them a healthy, prosperous life, they forgot that God’s laws do not end with the Ten Commandments. There were clearly spelled out rules to meet nearly every occasion — rules concerning diet, dress, economics, farming methods, justice, Sabbaths, and many more of God’s laws designed to ensure our well-being.

Only the Israelites are inheritors of the covenants, oaths, and promises made by almighty God through His true prophets, and they have a latter-day promise of ultimate deliverance from all of their enemies and from the hands of those who hate them. Once we as Latter-day Saints know who Israel really is, this knowledge removes all fear of the future for us.

We hope that this discourse will stimulate interest in Biblical prophecy and the coming of the Savior. Once these people are identified as the seed of Israel, we hope that they will want to dig into scripture and search out every passage relating to their destiny and their part in God’s plan. These truths will enable them to rightly identify the nations of the world, pinpoint events as they have been fulfilled in history, and look forward to those final end-time events which will herald in our new King and Redeemer, bringing about His reign of peace and righteousness.

For far too long the white race has shirked their duty and has been so heavenly minded with pride to be of no earthly use — fixing themselves on heaven and abandoning their dominion mandate on earth (Genesis 1:28). They have a very important assignment to fulfill — to prepare God’s people Israel for the Savior’s return and the righteous of all nations for peace and prosperity for a thousand years:

Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all [the Savior]: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all… (Ezekiel 37:21-22).

What could be plainer?

“For ye are the children of Israel, and of the seed of Abraham, and ye must needs be led out of bondage by power, and with a stretched-out arm. And as your fathers were led at the first, even so shall the redemption of Zion be. Therefore, let not your hearts faint, for I say not unto you as I said unto your fathers: Mine angel shall go up before you, but not my presence. But I say unto you: Mine angels shall go up before you, and also my presence, and in time ye shall possess the goodly land” (D&C 103:17-20).

The End of the Gentile Reign 

In the year 1982, a prayer was sent heavenward by a gathering of a few true priesthood holders chosen by God by revelation, closing the door to the Gentile nation. The Gentiles’ time had expired. The gospel sent to them through the Prophet Joseph Smith they had thoroughly adulterated by their pride, vainglory, and unwillingness to stand up for the true doctrines they were given. Their time had been fulfilled.

“And he answered them, and said, In the generation in which the times of the Gentiles shall be fulfilled, there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity, like the sea and the waves roaring. The earth also shall be troubled, and the waters of the great deep; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. For the powers of heaven shall be shaken” (JST Luke 21:25-26).

“And thus commandeth the Father [not the Son] that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel [only the Church had the fullness], and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth, and shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits [mixing of the races], and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders [abortions], and priestcrafts [prophet worship], and whoredoms [pornography], and of secret abominations [Deseret Management Corporation]; and if they shall do all those things, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father [not the Son], I [the Father] will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them” (3 Nephi 16:10).

This He has done, and He goes on to say:

“And then will I remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my gospel [the fullness] unto them.”

And He continues:

“And I will show unto thee, O house of Israel [all 12 tribes], that the Gentiles shall not have power over you; but I will remember my covenant unto you, O house of Israel, and ye shall come unto the knowledge of the fulness of my gospel” (3 Nephi 16:11-12).

This prophecy is now being fulfilled. Israel is being identified, and the gathering has begun.

What They (Israel) Are Not 

Recently a miniseries was released called The Bible. In it is depicted the people of Israel being from every color and race, even portraying Samson coming from black heritage. I am sorry, but Israel at the time of the Savior was of one color only: white… and easily identifiable.

We have gone to the Bible, Book of Mormon, and all the other gospels — and also the small amount of recorded history we have — to show just what these Israelites are and how they can be identified. When God is speaking — and when He refers to man — He is talking about one people only: the descendants of Adam and Eve.

We cannot ignore the evidence that we have presented here. The Lord Himself said that by two or more witnesses a matter can be decided upon. So when we find evidence upon evidence proving any situation, then we must accept it as truth. We have already shown that there were pre-Adamic people, and, by using the many other evidences shown, we can come to only one conclusion… that they did exist!

This knowledge was known and accepted by early Latter-day Saints. On October, 6, 1854, Orson Hyde (an apostle at the time) gave a sermon saying:

“The world was peopled before the days of Adam, as much so as it was before the days of Noah” (JD 2, discourse 18).

Clearly Adam’s seed was not those people.

We have shown that Adam’s name implies that he can blush. Only people with the white pigment can blush (be ruddy or turn red when embarrassed). We have also given evidence and shown where many of Adam’s offspring were described with this white coloring.

In the Book of Mormon, the Nephites were described as white. Even in the beginning of this book, the Lamanites were white also, but they, because of their becoming rebellious, became a dark and loathsome people. Finally, we have shown that the Norse people were definitely white and that the people in Northern Europe and Asia were nearly all white.

More Evidence of Adamic Man 

In 1988 the National Geographic magazine tried very seriously to trace the pre-Adamic man. The article “The Search for Modern Humans” was written by John J. Putman. He says that he began a journey that would extend over two years, placing him further back into time. It led him from Europe to Africa, Asia, Australia, and the edge of the Americas. He was in search of the first “modern human”, those that were anatomically like us and who demonstrated the curiosity, creativity, and organizational skills that mimic our skills today.


We read in this article about evidence of ancient humanoid man that dates back possibly 2,000,000 years. They claim that these humanoid-like people migrated out of Africa and eventually covered the whole earth. Science has labeled that these creatures eventually evolved into homo sapiens, which means “wise man”. John explains that these creatures first appeared having these advanced qualities, perhaps around 100,000 years ago, and have left tantalizing traces throughout the world for us to ponder.

These human-like creatures originally had smaller brains, more robust bones, and little innovative ability, according to archaeological evidence and present-day science. Then in Europe, in the so-called Upper Paleolithic Age from 3,500 to 10,000 years ago, there was a cultural explosion causing this little innovative ability to somehow turn people to painting, carving, weaving, and developing exquisite tools. Evidence of these advanced activities has shown up all over the earth, in every part, and on every continent.

So if these circumstances described above are true, Adam was placed here at just the right time — to bring these human-like creatures a better way of life. Remember the law that every word may be established before two or more witnesses (Matthew 18:16; D&C 42:80)? Those who believe in the evolutionary theory claim that they have irrefutable evidence that the aforementioned explanation is indeed true. Their evidences, described in the National Geographic Magazine, end with the following quote: “but the dating is indirect, not perfect” also “a claim disputed by others.” So one can see that their irrefutable evidence is questionable.

So we do not know exactly how the pre-Adamic people came to be, but they were definitely here before Adam and were distributed around the earth. Even though the Bible does not come out openly and say so, it does suggest very strongly that such was the case. It describes how Cain was cast out of Adam’s family (a spiritual death) because of his rebellion, jealousy, and act in murdering his brother. The Bible goes on to say that Cain took a wife and built a city. Whom did he marry, and for whom did he build a city if pre-Adamic man did not exist?

Others Efforts in Identifying Israel 

In the early part of the last century, from 1900 to around 1950, there was an extreme effort by some religionists to figure out who and where the ten lost tribes of Israel were. Some believed that there was enough evidence existing to indicate that the dispersed ten tribes were basically in Northern Europe, especially in England and Ireland.

The Scotsman John Wilson started this movement way back in 1836, and it blossomed up and down. King George VI (1895-1952) believed it. The founder of American Pentecostalism, Charles Fox Parham, spread this concept throughout North America, and Anna Bjørner (1875-1955) spread it in Denmark. Even the famous Henry Ford got involved.

There was much excitement concerning this subject until America passed her anti-discrimination law; then all went quiet. You do not hear this subject brought up very often today. The white race has had to go once again into hiding.

We have the Bible. A good 70% of America and Canada believe in it. In this volume the segregation of the races is clearly taught. The Savior Himself said:

“…Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 10:5-6).

Again we read:

“But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24).

Can there be any statements plainer than that? Jesus sent the Twelve Apostles and at least two quorums of seventy with very strict instructions to go to only the descendants of Jacob… and no one else.

Why would the Savior do such a thing — singling out a specific race of people and saying very plainly for His apostles and seventies to go preach to only this one group of people? Today the Savior would be scorned, severely prosecuted, and imprisoned by the present government for being a racist.

So let us pursue this avenue like these early religionists did and see what conclusion we arrive at. In spite of what the decadent U.S. government says, we will follow the Savior’s advice, going forward and trying to identify Israel’s children today, for the promises of the last days are mostly concerning them.

First, let us look again to the scriptures and to the early religionist efforts. They mostly pointed to countries and locations rather than color. The British-Israel movement claimed that, over the centuries, the dispersed Ten Tribes ended up in the British Isles. Other movements have said that Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Russia, and the British Isles are where they are. It is possible that they are both right.

Some people, even as we have pointed out earlier, based on Joseph Smith’s descriptions, suggest that a segment of the Ten Tribes went north and entered a hole in the earth. They further believe that the Ten Tribes reside there living the laws of God in a perfect manner and that they have a much higher civilization than we do on the surface. This gives an explanation for the flying saucers we see from time to time.

Yet another belief reportedly said by Joseph Smith is that a portion of the tribes became so righteous that they were taken by God to reside on a separate planet. Reason would say that these quotations might not be correct. Yet we admit that all things are possible if God has anything to do with it.

But using the abilities we have and a little common sense, there may be a much simpler answer. As mentioned before, the Book of Mormon says that God is going to gather His people from among the nations in the latter days as He has promised.

These religionists, which we have previously mentioned, who spent much time and research showing indeed that the Israelites went north of Palestine across the Caucasus Mountains and into the area around the Black Sea. Evidence of their existence in these areas — especially the tribe of Dan, who left evidence of his travels everywhere he went — shows that, from the Caucasus Mountains, they went west and did indeed end up in Europe and Western Asia.

In the ensuing hundreds of years, the tribes separated from each other and settled in different locations, some traveling by boat. Zebulon went to the Netherlands, and Dan traveled to Ireland and Denmark by land. Asher and true Judah went to Jutland.

Eventually most of these tribes grew so numerous in parts of Europe that they needed to expand their territory. Groups of Israel’s descendants calling themselves Angles and Saxons expanded into England, possibly bringing with them a part of many of the other tribes as well.

The significant part of these religionists’ research was overlooked in part because they concentrated on countries rather than race. As these white Israelites traveled west, they undoubtedly encountered pre-Adamic man, whom they overpowered. The pre-Adamic races existing in these Northern European areas were called Alpine or Mediterranean cultures, and they were dark haired with olive-colored skin. The Israelites intermarried with them, resulting in somewhat of a mixture of the bloods, thus becoming Gentiles.

Apparently Ephraim was the most prolific tribe, and because he was so numerous and led the other tribes — like Joseph in Egypt — they were singled out by God to be gathered first. So descendants from Ephraim and a few from other tribes were brought to America, and eventually Joseph Smith brought the true gospel to these now Gentile people.


The significant part of this investigation by these religionists was to prove that the descendants of Israel were mainly white. In every case, evidence has been brought forth from all these sources that the original Israelites were a white and delightsome people tracing their lineage back to a man called Adam, who was able to blush when God caught him naked in the garden of Eden; this proved that he was white, as only the white race can blush.

One of the purposes of Adam’s race was to bring laws and statutes to the pre-Adamic races, which would enable them to become prosperous and happy. God’s first attempt to bring this about failed, so He caused the flood to wipe out this corrupt civilization and started over with Noah.

Eventually the scrambling of the language at the Tower of Babel caused Noah’s descendants to mingle with every pre-Adamic people of the earth. Unfortunately, God’s law that forbids intermarriage between races was ignored. Over the centuries the white race has lost the identity of who they are, and, because of intermarriage with the heathen, they have become a mixture which God calls the Gentile.

And what do we have existing today? In family after family, Israeli features are seen: blonde and red hair and blue or green eyes, indicating Israelite bloodlines. Sometimes only one child with these features appears in a given family, and sometimes all children appear as Israelite. There are several million with these features. Not all of these are pure Israelite and can only be conclusively identified by revelation.

We are going to locate these people wherever they are and present to them the reason for these features — that they are of the house of Israel and inheritors of God’s blessings in the last days. The fullness of the gospel will be presented to these people. They will have the option to accept or reject this knowledge. The decision will be in their hands, and they will make the effort to comply with the laws of God or reject these laws and be placed with the unbelievers.

When enough of these people repent and are gathered, they will be identified and be placed among their own tribe. All nations of the Gentiles and heathen — and even the black races — will have the same opportunity to accept God’s laws and accept Jesus as supreme leader and King.

Those who comply will reap the same rewards and prosperity as the Israelites, but only among their own race. Only the wicked shall be destroyed among all races, including even the Israelites who will not repent. That is the only way that peace on earth can be attained.

We invite all people having Israelite features to investigate this gathering and be participants so that the descendants of Adam, Noah, and Abraham can finally accept their responsibility of dominion over every living creature (Genesis 1:26).


Knowledge to Identify and Gather Israel

Revealed in the Second Book of Commandments

Preface by the Prophet

It has been pointed out recently that the Lord guided my every action in bringing forth the Second Book of Commandments.  At first, the 23 Sections I had printed and placed in many bookstores and libraries were for the most part to the church leaders; and up to that time I felt that all my mission was was to help the church leaders begin to repent.  The Lord knew that it was a fruitless effort.  They had gone too far and He could not bring about their repentance.

My first revelation was received in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada while I was working at McLeod Mercantile, Ltd.  This was in March 1961.  By September 1968 I had Section 22.  I had these few sections published, and they went to many libraries and bookstores around the world.  No one paid attention, so I felt my job was done.  But then in March 1972 I had Section 23.

Then came Section 24, called the Parable of the Pear Tree.   It was mainly to the church membership.  The Lord worked hard after that.  We sent out about fifteen thousand pamphlets that we printed ourselves, and the Lord provided the means and wherewithal to do this.  He used many different ways in His efforts to warn the people of the church, mainly making them aware of their being deceived, and how they could be deceived so easily by the adversary.  Many examples were brought forth to make it clear how they were being deceived, and how they could overcome the adversary’s temptings.  Very few even paid any attention.  There were a few admonitions to the church leadership to repent, but these revelations were mainly sent to the church membership.

However, pamphlet time was over, for we finally had some help who understood the concepts of the computer.  Beginning with a few pertinent sections, and eventually the whole Second Book of Commandments was made available “online”.  Any excuse not to be aware or notice about God’s will vanished.  These revelations were mostly directed to the church membership, but eventually the Lord realized that the church membership were too indoctrinated to pay any attention.  They were living the Lord’s laws so well that they needed no repentance.

Of course, they did not realize that they were not living God’s laws, but the false concepts that the church leadership had put forth as truth.  So in Section 60, in January 1980, the Lord gave us the following prayer, just about cutting off the church leadership from ever repenting.

 26 Father in heaven, we Thy sons and daughters, who have seen the truth of Thy words and have stepped forward, do see that those who delight in the praise of men and the fares of this world have taken hold of Thy Kingdom on this earth.

27 And we who are the rightful heirs have been cast out and can no longer par take of Thy holy sacraments and holy covenants in Thy Holy Temples.

28 We pray therefore Father, that Thy vengeance be poured out without measure upon these wicked men who have deceived the whole nation with their lies and hypocrisies, that they no longer stand in the way of the truth being restored, and of Thy blessings being poured out upon the righteous.

29 Cast them out with a mighty hand, that their root and branch be cut off, and their name become a hiss and a byword if they continue on in the path of unrighteousness and repent not.   Even so, Amen.

He kept on with trying to influence the church membership to repent, although inserting from time to time words about the gathering of Israel.  Many of the revelations are writ ten not necessarily to the church member ship but to Israel, but we did not know this at the time, just like some of Joseph Smith’s revelations were directed also to our day, not only to his day.

Nearly twenty years had passed since the first revelation had been received.  The church leadership had their time of about ten years, and now the Lord made the following statement.

After ye have sent out all that ye can of the pamphlets, (and ye have seen how few have heeded My voice through thee) ye shall turn unto Mine ancient covenant people and teach unto them the truths that perhaps they will repent and turn from their filthy ways and become unto Me a white and delightsome people, for such are the promises if they but repent. (2BC 85:7 given November 15, 1982)

Here the Lord is hinting that the Gentiles under Ephraim’s time is about to come to an end.  But there was a big dilemma.  Who in the world were Israel, and how on earth could they be identified and gathered?

It was not until May 1984 that the Lord got serious and intimated that the time of the Gentiles had come to an end, and they had had their chance and failed.  The mantle was finally being taken from the Gentile nation and given back to the Israelite nation.

And guess what?  We were no longer left in the dark about how the Lord preserved the Israelite identity.  Bit by bit the Lord began to identify Israel, and even identify and separate the different tribes.   So far we have the signs to identify the tribes of Judah and Levi (the main two hold ing the Melchizedek and Levitical Priest hood) and the half tribe of Benjamin.

There may not be enough differences in the other tribes to separate them, so they may have to be identified by a true Patriarch as in giving them a Patriarchal bless ing.

So now, in this Pamphlet, we have done our best in compiling all the revelations together that we feel are truly directed only to the Israelite nation; this so you can clearly see the transition.

If you want the full volume of the Second Book of Commandments you can send for a copy.  Price is $45, hand bound, including freight.  $10 more for those outside Canada and the US.

In this discourse there are some sections that do not mention Israel directly, but because of its contents, infer that its instructions are for Israel only.

It has also been brought to our attention that we have written this discourse with the understanding that what it contains are subjects that may be understood only by the church membership, yet it is written to non-church membership also.  In order for these people to understand what we present here they are going to have to do some research on their own.  We emphasis  one thing: today most people do not want to be bothered with study.  They want information available at an immediate moment.  Well, if you are of the true Israelite blood, you are going to do some serious study and work to get around this hurdle.

To be a true Israelite (blue eyes and fair skin) you have a great responsibility.  If you want to be counted, read the Bible.  It shows clearly the responsibility of the Israelite nation.  They failed miserably in the main, but were successful on some occasions.

It is now in our hands to bring this earth to the peace and prosperity it deserves by bringing in the thousand years of grandeur called the millennium, as promised in the Bible.

Section 73   December 17, 1981

14 For My sheep know My voice, and My sheep are the lost tribes of Israel, and Ephraim is My firstborn and shall be gathered first.

15 Yet I am merciful to all those who repent and come unto Me.

Section 85  November 15, 1982

 7 After ye have sent out all that ye can of the pamphlets, (and ye have seen how few have heeded My voice through thee) ye shall turn unto Mine ancient covenant people and teach unto them the truths that perhaps they will repent and turn from their filthy ways and become unto Me a white and delightsome people, for such are the promises if they but repent.

Section 109  May 27, 1984

  3 For from this time forth, ye shall be called Israel, for to the School and the fountain of truth shall Israel be gathered, for My sheep know My voice and heed My commandments, and those who belong not unto Me are not of Me and shall be cast off.

Section 139  May 13, 1987

 17 And at a time later the other tribes of Israel, excepting Judah and Benjamin, were taken captive and were also placed in this area, even a numerous host.

18 And the tribe of Judah was also taken into captivity, even by the Babylonians and were taken east ward and were dispersed among their cities even a great host.

19 Nevertheless, a few returned under the hand of My servant Ezra, and built again the walls around Jerusalem, and restored the temple and the sanctuary.

20 Nevertheless, the majority remained in Babylon, and were numbered among the Babylonians.

21 And behold, the numerous host of the Israelites that were taken captive by the Assyrians did rebel against them and escaped even northward; and be cause they were so numerous they did cover the face of the land.

22 And behold a great many of them mingled their seed with the heathen nations that proceeded them.

23 For these heathen people were the descendants of Shem and Japeth who dispersed at the time of the tower of Babel; and the seed of Japeth covering the land north and west and the seed of Shem covering the land north and east.

24 For these sought not valiantly after their God, and became the heathen nations. They being not cursed as the seed of Ham, but they became dark in complexion, and dark in their mind to the word of God.

25 Nevertheless, they being of the seed of Shem and Japeth, they were cursed not that they could not hold the holy priesthood, for only the seed of Cain were thus cursed in this manner, but they could not hold it by lineage, but only if they were adopted into a family already holding the Priesthood, and in this day only if they are adopted into one of the chosen tribes, yea even of the descendants of My servant Ja cob‑ ‑  whom I called Israel.

26 And so were the children of Israel and of Judah scattered among the nations of the heathen, for they openly rebelled against Me, and built unto them selves gods and worshipped them and took unto themselves gods of the heathen nations and worshipped them and thus they committed fornications against Me; and thus I divorced Myself from them and cast them out among the heathen.

27 Nevertheless, I cast them not out of My mind, but promised that I would remember them in the last days.

28 And they migrated westward and northward, yea even a numerous host, and they became a great nation among the heathen nations and among the desolate places and did spread upon the face of the land.

29 And they did rebel against their captors, nevertheless, except for those who returned under the hand of Ezra, none returned to the land of their inheritance, but migrated to the north and to the west, sweeping before them the inhabitants of the land.

30 And because they took few records with them, they soon lost the knowledge of their forefathers, and became a lost people among the heathen.

31 Nevertheless, they retained some of their original customs and they remembered among them selves that they should not intermarry among the tribes, neither should they intermarry among the heathen, yea and because of this belief, some did keep to themselves and did develop different tongues and languages.

32 And those who kept their blood pure are identifiable even today.

33 Nevertheless, there were a great many who mingled their blood with the heathen and became like unto them, dark in mind and complexion.

34 But those few who did keep themselves pure, and defiled not themselves, retained the fairness of their skin and the blueness of their eyes.

35 For this is one of the ways they shall be identified in these the last days.

36 For they did even become the Gentile nations, and scattered themselves throughout the continent of Europe and throughout the islands of the sea.

37 And Ephraim traveled north and separated him self from his brethren and went to the lands of Scandinavia and they did become even this people, and did spread even from England to Russia, and be cause there were few inhabitants of the land that proceeded them, they did remain more pure.

38 And part of the tribe of Dan did travel even farther north yet they did intermarry with the heathen and became like unto them, and very few of this portion of this tribe can be identified even to this day.

39 And behold Simeon and Levi did I mix among the tribes as I did promise My servant Israel for they did commit an evil because of their anger.

40 Nevertheless, I did identify Levi and placed a mark upon him that he be not lost.

41 For besides the blue eyes and fair complexion, I did place upon their heads a crown of red hair that they may be identified even unto this day.

42 And unto Judah shall the gathering be, for they also are among all nations; nevertheless, the scepter remained in Judah, and the lion of the tribe of Judah remaineth even unto this day, for the royal seed fled to England and Ireland, even before the captivity.

43 And I did bring the choicest of all to this place, even the descendants of the Holy One of Israel, and are ye not one of them?

44 For are they not the elect of this generation as promised they would be, and they shall surely be gathered first.

Section 141   September 23, 1987

  22 And ye have asked Me concerning the Jews. Be hold I say unto you, those who call themselves Jews today are but a small portion of them Jews and are liars seeking to claim the inheritance from My servant Judah, and such as are not Jews shall be ex posed and laid bare, and the true descendants of this My servant be made known that they may take their rightful inheritance.

23 And all who claim to be of the blood of Judah who have not a fair complexion and blue eyes are not of Judah. And thus ye may know them.

24 And there be few among them that are pure, having mixed their seed with the heathen.

25 Nevertheless, because of their Israelitish blood they can be adopted into the tribe wherewith they reside and whose blood they carry, that they find an inheritance in Zion‑ ‑  for did I not say that all nations would be blessed because of the seed of My servant Israel, which descendants ye are?

26 By this means only can they then hold the Holy Priesthood: after having the Gentile blood purged from their veins, then can they be counted among My people.

27 However, this is all based upon their righteousness, for these blessings cannot come upon them un less their desire is to keep all of My commandments.

Section 142   December 21, 1987

 22 And unto My servant Walther, I give unto him a commandment that when implemented will begin to give strength and power to My servants;

23 And this I say unto him that he lay his hands upon the head of My servant Tola and purge from his veins and body the Gentile blood that is in him; and this ye shall do before ye make him a counselor in the School.

24 And to purge his blood ye shall say the follow ing:

25 I, (name of person‑ ‑  in this case Walther) having authority given me of the Father, I place my hands upon the head of (name of person‑ ‑  in this case Tola) and purge from his body the Gentile blood that dwells therein, that the body no longer be split by dissension, and the veil of darkness be lifted from his eyes. And I hereby adopt you into the tribe of (name of Tribe‑ ‑  in this case Issachar) of the house of Israel, and from this time forth ye shall be numbered among his seed. Amen

26 Now behold, does not a representative of this tribe again reign upon the earth?

27 Behold I say unto you, are not the bands of ignorance being broken and the dews of heaven being poured forth from the Heavens, and this in spite of the wicked and your unbelief?

Section 147  September 1988

 17 And now My son, the time has come wherein I will reveal unto you more concerning My lost sheep who have been hidden up among the Gentile and the heathen nations.

18 For I have promised My servant Jacob that what was lost and scattered must surely be found and gathered.

19 And behold, I have made known unto you how Levi should be identified, so also will I identify My servant Judah who was scattered among the nations even among the Israelites who themselves were scattered throughout the heathen nations and who intermarried among them.

20 For those who tower above their brethren of every tribe, and among all nations and people, and who have the signs of the Israelite are surely of this tribe.

21 Yet and if they have not the sign and yet tower above their brethren, behold they have much Gentile blood and cannot be counted of that tribe unless they are proven.

22 And if a man tower above his brethren and hath the sign and also hath the sign of Levi, behold he is of mixed blood, even of the tribe of Levi and the tribe of Judah, yet he will be counted among the tribe of Levi.

23 And yet again, if he tower above his brethren and be left handed, behold he is of the house of Benjamin, yea even of the one‑ half portion of that tribe that stayed with Judah at the time of the divi sion.

24 Nevertheless, the half of the tribe that went not with Judah are not thus identified for they have their own place.

25 And thus ye have more of the keys that identify the tribes as I have promised.

26 And a woman shall seek a sign and witness to a man, even among their own tribe that each may be identified and stand in their own place.

27 And this shall be the case except it be by direct revelation from Me saith the LORD.

28 Nevertheless, only the righteous and those who totally repent of these tribes shall enter into My rest.

Section 149  April 2, 1989

 6 And unto My servant Walther, he desireth to know of which tribe he belongs, and behold I say unto you, he is of the house of Ephraim. Nevertheless, he has much of the tribe of Asher in his veins.

7 For the seed of Asher is mainly in the western part of Germany, yea even from the borders of the countries of Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Eastern part of Germany encompass this tribe.

8 Yet there are also many from the other tribes of Israel mixed therein even from the tribes of Dan, Ephraim, Zebulun, Manasseh, Issachar and Benjamin, but the main portion are from the tribe of Asher.

9 And My servant Walther has been desirous to take the truth of My gospel to the Jewish nation, and behold I say unto you that this is correct, for I have not called him to seek out the other tribes, for their time is not yet, unless I call them for a specific purpose.

10 For I will yet call Judah first, for unto him shall the gathering be, for he was scattered among the nations at the time of the dispersion, after My crucifix ion.

11 And he fled even to the lands where his brethren had previously gone, even to the lands of western Europe, and they in the main accepted them that were dispersed and they mingled their seed among them, and thus I hid them up .

12 Yet I put a mark upon them that they be identified among their brethren in the latter days.

13 And another mark I did place upon Levi that they also be identified, that they also come forth at this time to offer an offering in righteousness.

14 And behold My son, My servant Joseph Smith was given the keys of the gathering of Israel through the Patriarchal order, wherein each are identified as to who their tribe may be.

15 But I say unto you, that this power has now been lost and they do make a mockery of this gift of discernment for they understand not the other signs that accompany it.

16 And at the time of My servant Joseph Smith, be hold I did call forth the tribe of Joseph as a similitude to him being sold into Egypt, which is spiritual Babylon.

17 And he did shine forth for a season and did establish again My Priesthoods and he doth retain it to pass unto Israel’s other sons.

18 Nevertheless the sons of Ephraim have become polluted and have corrupted My holy doctrines and there are but few left who are faithful.

19 Yet there shall be sufficient to accomplish My holy purposes.

20 And as he saved his brethren temporarily at that time, so also he shall save his brethren spiritually at this time.

21 And thus My servants have been called who are of the house of Joseph through Ephraim: even My servant Robert and My servant David, and My servant Heber, also My servant Robert2, and My servant Edward and My servant Lee. These all be from the house of Joseph.

22 And it is My will that you go unto the people called the fundamentalists, and after ye have completed this mission ye shall leave them alone.

23 And from this time forth ye shall no longer seek out the Gentile, for their time and portion hath been fulfilled; and from this time forth your voice be unto the House of Israel and none else.

24 And ye are to make them aware of their lineage and let them step forward if they so desire.

Section 156     May 22, 1989

 14 Heed My will O’ Israel and be not afraid, for if ye will but do My will ye shall again obtain the for mer blessings.

Section 159     January 9, 1990

  9 For I have many things yet to reveal pertaining to the gathering of Mine Israel.

10 Yea, for those ye now call Lamanites, or the descendants of Laman and Lemuel in the land called North America, even in the nations ye call United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, and for which ye have set aside reservations for, behold they are in the most part a mixture of their seed.

11 For some of their descendants did indeed mi grate to this land from the lands south which ye call South America, and mixed their blood with the heathen which had come previously from other lands.

12 And thus the gospel was first preached to these Gentiles along with the Gentiles that came at a later time.

13 And thus the prophecy was fulfilled that the last would be first, and the first would be last.

14 And after the sealing of the heavens against them for their rejection of the fullness of My gospel, and their unbelief, behold the fullness of the gospel would be taken from amongst them and I would seek the true blood of Israel wherever they existed.

15 Behold I say unto you, the people ye now call Indians are the pure blood of Israel only if they have the signs of Israel, neither are the members of My church of the pure blood of Israel unless they also have the signs of Israel, for they also are a mixture.

16 Therefore, ye shall no longer raise thy voice unto them, for their time has been fulfilled, whether they are of the church or of the Indian nation, it is the same, for they are both a mixture; and ye shall raise thy voice only to those who have the true sign, whether in the church or out of the church, it is the same.

17 And the true signs have been given to you in part, and when ye are prepared the other signs shall be given unto thee.

18 For the true Lamanite resideth only in the South, even in the land ye call South America, yea and even there are some in the land ye call Central America.

19 Nevertheless, they are in the most part in South America, yea and they are the true descendants of My servants Laman and Lemuel, and yet a few of My faithful servant Joseph, in the which I promised that his seed would not utterly be destroyed.

20 And I will yet reveal more unto you concerning this matter that ye have all the keys and knowledge necessary that Israel shall surely be gathered.

Section 163  October 5, 1990

  3 And I have accepted the ordinances performed therein, that the Gentile blood was purged from the veins of a few;

4 And behold, if they are faithful, they shall go forth as witnesses that they are truly of the House of Israel, and represent My servant upon the earth in these last days.

5 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! for from this be ginning shall go forth the gathering of Mine elect among the House of Judah‑ ‑  and thenceforth to all the tribes that have been lost and hidden.

Section 164   July 5, 1990

My son: Behold, I your Savior give unto you wisdom and My law that ye may understand and make correct decisions concerning matters pertaining to Zion;

2 For behold, there are those who would continually distort and corrupt the laws I give unto you, be cause of their self‑ will and carnal desires.

3 For I say unto you as pertaining to laws: Behold, if a man chooseth to be governed by the laws of Babylon, then if he seeketh a reward, he must seek it from that source, for his rewards will be in accordance with those laws.

4 And if a man maketh his own laws, then his re wards will be according to his own efforts.

5 And again, if a man chooseth to live by My laws, he can then seek his rewards from that source, and behold if he keepeth them with a sincere heart, his rewards will be the rewards of the just, yea even eternal lives.

6 For the rewards one receives are in accordance with the laws he chooses to keep; and such has this been from the beginning.

7 For if ye keep not My laws, then can ye ask a re ward from Me, saith the LORD? I say unto you, nay!

8 For if ye keep the laws of the world, then will ye not reap from these laws?

9 For hath not My church done this? And have they not reaped the friendship of the world?

10 But now, can they come and ask a blessing from My hand? Behold, I say unto you, they cannot.

11 And in their day of calamity, will I hear their voice, and their weeping? Behold, I say unto you again, nay!

12 For they have chosen the ways of the world, and must seek to its laws for redress.

13 And behold, if there be no laws, then who will hear their cry?

14 For have I not said that those who choose the ways of the world are an enemy unto God; and be hold, has not My church become Mine enemy?

15 Behold I say unto you, Mine anger is kindled against the leaders of My church, and behold I de cree upon them My judgments which will shortly come to pass; and behold, My church shall be cleansed, that the vessel may again be pure unto Me, and a fit receptacle for the spreading among the earth the true teachings of My gospel.

16 And woe unto those that have twisted and over turned My word, for they surely shall be exposed.

Section 167   April 2, 1991

  9 For are ye not Israel, and are ye not the beginning of the gathering of My scattered nation?

10 And am not I your Savior, restoring the laws of Israel that ye may again live them accordingly, that ye may again be acceptable unto Me?

11 For if ye live not these laws, will I not surely leave thee unto your own devices to be cast aside as dross?

12 For it is expedient that ye be instructed in these matters that ye be not led astray into forbidden paths.

13 Yea and some have marveled as to what has happened in the Middle East as ye now call it.

23 But in ancient times it was called by the name of Babylon.

24 For this place from the time of Nimrod hath continued to bring forth the most evil of men, and the most evil temporal wickedness; and thus I have nearly caused it to be totally destroyed.

25 Nevertheless, this is but a foreshadowing of what is yet to come; for from this time forth, war shall multiply unto war;

26 Yet there shall be calm for a small season.

27 Then shall desolation fall upon desolation until the utter destruction of the wicked shall be accomplished.

28 Then shall I expose all lies, yea and I shall ex pose all evil deeds, yea and I shall expose all hypocrisies.

29 Yea, and when a man doeth evil it shall even be shouted upon the housetops.

30 Yea, and none shall be able to hide their evil be fore another, and the wicked shall be astonished and be ashamed.

31 And those who are Mine and who have been faithful in that day shall be lifted up unto Life Eternal.

32 And thus I have said I will bless My children Israel and bring them forth from obscurity, and if they deal honestly, and are worthy, they shall have power from on high to build up My Zion and My Kingdom.

Section 169   July 12, 1991

 28 And unto the faithful in Germany, I am well pleased with their efforts.

29 Yet beware of contentions, for the adversary doth rage to know that his kingdom is being ex posed.

30 And for this reason, he doth desire to destroy thy harmony.

31 And in this ye shall be not surprised, for when My Israel begins to repent, behold his kingdom is weakened.

32 And he taketh hold of every man’s weakness and flails him with them as with a whip; therefore, be as men of God and resist his temptations.

33 As I have said before, “Gird up thy loins and place upon yourselves the whole armor of God.”

34 For those that whine and find fault are not men, but are but whimpering babes.

35 For true men of My servant Israel seek not their own will, but the will of God.

36 Know ye not that ye are Mine Israel, and if ye repent of your gross unbelief, I, your Savior, will heal your wounds and ye will again be unto Me as My children?

37 Then shall ye come forth to be taught of My true prophets, and not any more by the false prophets who now reside at the head of drunken Ephraim.

38 Judah come forth! Be no longer ashamed of thy height, for ye that tower above thy brethren have not I your God preserved ye as a nation in this manner?

39 Take up the sword of My word, and make it sharp.

40 Divide asunder the correctness from the error, and slice up the error in slices, and show it unto all, its rottenness and putrefaction.

41 Be not afraid, for I, your Savior, was not sent unto the heathen, but unto the lost tribes of My servant Israel.

Section 171  September 24, 1991

 2 Yea, for I speak unto you all that ye may repent, yea even the few that have been called;

3 For now I call a few that ye be totally cleansed, that ye be an example to those that follow.

4 For those that follow are My true Israel, and they will heed not a faltering voice, but only a voice proven and true.

5 And even though I speak unto you all, I also speak unto you individually, that ye may individually re pent and turn from your errors.

21 And now I come to those who reside in the country called Germany, and the countries round about.

22 Behold, they wonder at their leanness of number. Behold, they understand not that they are few because they also must be purged of all their sins, that they may be no longer a light to the Gentiles, whose time has been fulfilled, but a light to My true Israel.

23 For their light must shine in a clear and precise manner to overcome the darkness of error and deception that now encompasses My true people‑ ‑  yea, even the descendants of My servant Jacob, whom I called Israel, who fought a good battle and overcame all.

24 For the darkness that covereth their eyes can only be pierced by the perfect truth of My gospel, and the living of it by the few I have called by My voice.

Section 172    November 24, 1991

 3 Therefore I say unto you, that there are many points of doctrine which must be made more clear unto this people; for they are slow to understand and comprehend what I have already revealed unto them.

4 For although a woman is redeemed when she bareth Israelitish children, and if she truly desireth it, she may have her blood purged from all Gentile blood, and become truly of the blood of My servant Jacob;

5 However, in the case of a man, if he sire Israelitish children from an Israelitish woman, he remaineth yet a Gentile;

6 And as concerning the Ozondah, he cannot at any time take precedence over an Israelite.

7 Nevertheless, he may have all other blessings of an Israelite, that the promises on their behalf may be fulfilled

Section 176   June 1992

My son. Ye have wondered concerning My law and My statutes, and even the constitution of My king dom.

2 Behold, all that shall be done in My kingdom shall be according to My just laws;

3 And I gave unto Moses laws, even laws that pertain to man’s dealings one with another in his days, and these laws shall be in force even during the millennium, bringing all people under this one law;

4 And those who accept My law and keep it in purity, and not in hypocrisy, shall receive My spirit which shall guide them in all things.

5 And ye shall take the Bible as it is written and separate all statutes pertaining to My law and make them plain and understandable;

6 And I shall guide you in this matter, and ye shall add those things that have been deleted from My law,

7 And ye shall delete those things that have been added to My law because of those who desired to change it to place great burdens upon the people, and cause great wickedness among them.

8 And ye shall prepare a book called: “The Laws and Statutes of God unto His people Israel”.

9 And ye shall prepare and compile together these laws into concise and understandable order that they be taught in clearness to My people, even from their mother’s knee;

10 That all of My house, even Israel, may be aware of My law even from the beginning, that none be ignorant, and all be aware of their duty in Zion, and be aware of the rewards due them when they keep My commandments.

11 And all the laws that are incorrect will be corrected; and all the laws that are correct shall be retained; and all the laws that have been interpolated shall be corrected through My word, that they be complete in every respect;

12 And the laws and statutes shall be taught and understood by all in My work, and shall be accepted by them that they may live thereby.

13 And when they do this I will bless them with My Spirit, and be again unto them a Father, and they again My children, even as before.     Even so, Amen.

Section 186  June 12, 1993

Behold, I your Savior do say unto you that ye shall seek first to establish My kingdom, and then all things shall be added unto you.

2 For if ye seek to establish the Kingdom of God which is My political kingdom, and it is established, does it not then protect thee in the living of all the commandments that I have given unto you?

3 Which commandments include the living of My true United Order which when implemented will add all things unto you.

4 Will ye not then be protected under the laws of My kingdom even in your rights to practice My true marriage laws, and in your rights to work sufficiently for your needs, and the right to health without the great burden of debt?

5 For would not all these rights be protected if My kingdom were truly established?  And would ye not then prosper according to your righteous efforts, and would not then ye have abundance?

6 For without the Kingdom all that ye diligently labor for is in vain.

7 For under the system ye are now under, it taketh away your free agency and burdens ye down with many fetters that cannot nearly be borne.

8 And for such a reason I did give unto you My prayer, that you would continually seek for My will to be done on earth as it is in the heavens.

9 And thus I give unto you the understanding of this matter that ye strive diligently to achieve the goal of establishing My Zion.

10 For whoso hath this understanding? Behold, only those who seek after righteousness, and who have My Spirit.   Even so, Amen.

Section 198   August, 1995

  My son, ye have wondered concerning the great difficulties the blood of Israel have in being obedient to My laws and living My commandments.

2 Behold I your Savior say unto thee, it is due to the great amount of Gentile blood they have in their veins.

3 For it is this blood that causeth them to not be diligent, and negligent.

4 For the true blood of Israel desireth light and knowledge of the truth so that they can prepare themselves through works to gain Eternal Life;

5 And conversely, the Gentile blood seeketh to satisfy the desires of the flesh.

6 And these two factors ply within them to first seek good, and then to seek after error.

7 And thus ye see those around you struggle this way and that way, being in conflict with themselves.

8 Yet if they totally choose the right, which is called repentance, I their Savior shall forgive them, and will give them light and knowledge to overcome their sins; which in the main is rebellion against the truth.

9 And I their Savior wait for their sincere commitment so that the veil be lifted and the healing commence.

Section 200  June 1996

 7 And again ye have wondered at the words of My servant Isaiah, wherein he stated that the wild and carnivorous animals will no longer search out each other to destroy.

8 Behold I say unto you that these are but symbols, and an explanation of these sayings are made in the next paragraphs of My servant Isaiah’s writings, showing that these animals depict the different tribes of Israel which have been warring among them selves;

9 And at this time these tribes will no longer seek to ravage each other, but be reconciled, which recon ciliation will result in their imminent power to govern in righteousness, which will bring peace on earth.

10 At this time they will no longer reject Me their Savior, but will accept the sacrifice I made on their behalf, and accept the Lamb of God, and no longer reject the truth, but will embrace it with one voice.

Section 211  January 2000

 3 For ye have in the world unrestrained pollutions occurring among the heathen nations; and this they do at an extremely rapid rate because of their exceeding great number.

4 For they have become the dominant force in the world, outnumbering My chosen people by many times.

5 And because they lack wisdom and intelligence, but yet have unlimited knowledge, they have become a great force for evil.

6 Yea, and even a great portion of the Children of Israel have chosen to follow their ways, and there are but few that care not to pollute My footstool.

7 And it is My will that these few gather together in the places I have designated, that they be not totally destroyed with the wicked.

8 And it is because of these few that I have stayed My hand for the moment.

12 For My people are now mixed with the Gentile and the heathen and, in spite of My numerous warnings through My true prophets, have chosen to disregard My word and have instead heeded the word of the false prophets which say that there is no difference between the races; for it has become like before the flood.

13 And the time soon cometh that these persuasions shall be exposed, and the fierceness of My wrath will commence the cleansing of My footstool.

Section 250    February 17, 2012

 4 Yet, I commend those who keep in mind their goal of establishing My kingdom upon the earth, and restoring unto My chosen people their rightful inheritance.

Section 254    February 17, 2012

My Son, Ye shall take pen in hand and write what I have shown unto you as to the gathering of My people Israel.

2 For the time has now arrived that the Gentile Nation shall no longer be numbered among My people Israel.

3 For the Gentiles, who are a mixture of my people and the Heathen, have totally sup ported the false prophets that are now in power in My Church.

4 For My fierce anger is against them for their changing of the ordinances and the bringing of the seed of Cain into My holy temples and the building up edifices that are not of Me, claiming them to be.  In these I cannot dwell.

5 In doing these things, they have lost My priest hood, being in open rebellion against Me and those whom I have sent.

6 For My people are a white and delight some people and have been so from the beginning.

7 And, as I have promised that their nation shall be restored, so shall it come to pass.

8 And, only those who have the signs of Israel, yea even a fair skin and the blueness of their eyes, shall be numbered among them.

9 For from this time forth all who do not have these signs shall no longer be counted among my people.

10 And, all who are a mixture of the seed of Israel and the heathen nations shall be classified as Gentile, being their own nation.

11 Concerning the seed of Cain, they are a mixture of the noble black races and all other races, including Adam’s seed.

12 For the pure black races are not a cursed race but a noble race that need not the priesthood to achieve their salvation, for by their works shall they be judged.

13 For Cain mixed his seed with this race and thus took upon him this curse, uniting himself with them and partaking of that which was forbidden.

14 For not only was his heritage polluted, but also the seed of the black race was polluted, placing upon the resulting seed burdens that were beyond their capabilities to bear.

15 For did not I your God cause the black race to be black and the white race to be white to clearly identify them so that intermarriage not occur among them?

16 Thus the seed of Cain was cursed by his seed be ing forbidden to hold the Melchizedek Priesthood.

17 And, as I promised, this curse shall not be lifted until the seed of righteous Abel come forth among the children of men.

18 For Adam and his posterity to Noah — and from his son Shem down to My servant Jacob — kept their blood pure and were a white and delightsome people.

19 Yea, and even those I guided to this continent, even My servants mentioned in the records ye have from this continent even in the book named after My servant Mormon, were a white and delightsome people.

20 Yet My servants Laman and Lemuel became a dark and loathsome people because of their rebelliousness against Me, their Savior, by intermarrying among the residue of the previous peoples who were on this continent, who were of the vilest of heathen.

21 Thus they too became a degenerate and loath some people.  To these and all other heathen races who have mixed their blood with My people, I identify as the Gentile race.

22 And from this time forth they shall be identified as such, and no longer can they be adopted into the different tribes of Israel but shall be as a separate nation.

23 For all who do not have the signs of Israel, even those who have either of these features but not both, will be in this nation and not be counted among My chosen people.

24 None of My people who have stepped forward at this time shall take unto themselves wives who have not the signs of Israel, for, if they choose to do so, they shall be numbered among the Gentile nation.

25 If they have posterity from these wives and some be of either race, these resulting children — those who have the signs of Israel — shall be counted among them.  And those who do not shall be count ed as Gentile.

26 For although a Gentile woman who hath Israelite children can be counted as Israelite, yet the children she bears who are not Israelite cannot ever marry an Israelite;

27 Therefore it is not a wise thing for an Israelite to marry a Gentile for this reason, unless I your Savior shall reveal it to you by a witness being given.

28 Nevertheless, an Israelite man who marries a Gentile shall be counted among the Gentile nation until she bears an Israelite child.

29 And behold, I your Savior have set up among you the office of a patriarch to be a father unto My people.

30 For all heads of households have the privilege of being a patriarch among their own seed.

31 For unto this patriarch is given the spirit of discernment that enables him to determine the right lineage if there is any doubt in difficult cases.

32 Again, when an Israelite has been positively identified, and if it not be evident as to what tribe they belong to, then this Patriarch shall then be called to correctly determine as to what tribe they belong to, receiving this by the discernment he has.

33 For my people are a white and delightsome people and must be restored to that condition.

34 All those who have the signs of Israel who desire to live My laws and My covenants shall be identified as to which tribe they belong and be gathered as they were in the beginning under My servant Moses. Yea even by tens, fifties,  hundreds and thousands.

35 They must come in by the strait gate even by baptism and the laying on of hands for their reception of the Holy Ghost;

36 And then live by an oath and covenant as to keeping of all my laws and statutes that my servant Moses set up.

37 For these laws and statutes shall be set up in their purity having these instructions, as mentioned above, as a preface to these laws.

38 For was this not promised by my former prophets on many occasions?

39 And from this time forth shall this procedure be followed so that My True Israel be restored as has been prophesied by all my Holy Prophets, yea in all the scriptures ye now have.

40 As to my places of refuge. Ye shall allow none to make this a place of habitation except those who have the signs of Israel;

41 And only those of My people who take upon themselves the covenants of the United Order and who, are in agreement of My holy commandments shall dwell there in.

42 And these laws shall be enforced among My people from this time forth that I may have a pure people unto Myself.

43 All other nations not of Israel may partake of My law if they so desire, even the true gospel with the rights of baptism by immersion and the laying on of hands to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost if they truly repent and come unto Me their Savior.

44 For even the Canaanite has this right, and had this privilege from the beginning.

45 And all who desire to live under the righteous laws set up by My Servant Moses can do so under the government of My people Israel.   Even so, Amen

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